Challenges are to be solved with knowledge and creativity. That was our starting point when Nattaro Labs was registered as a company in April 2011. Following the globalisation and increased travels, including migration, there had been a huge re-surgence of bed bug infestations in the western world and existing treatment methods had become less and less effective as the bed bugs developed resistance. So new solutions and strategies were needed.

Photo: Peter Brinch, 2012

The simple question was What?

The four founders, Dr Camilla Ryne, Magnus Bäckmark, Carl-Magnus Hansson and Christine Dahlman Jacobsen began investigating potential solutions. They visited infested apartments and properties, interviewed the people affected and investigated how the pest control of bed bugs was conducted. A close partnership with pest control companies and their customers was established early on.

This curiosity, combined with Dr Ryne’s knowledge of bed bugs, Magnus’ long experience of product development, Carl-Magnus’ expertise in industrialisation and Christine’s skill within business development, added to a large dose of creativity, led to the birth of the patented product, Nattaro Safe.

In the summer of 2012, Nattaro Labs was hit hard by the death of Dr Camilla Ryne from cancer. Thanks to the huge support from the other owners, family and friends, the remaining founders were able to drive operations onward against all odds. A combination of stubbornness and the wish to make a difference to all those affected by bed bug infestations, by providing innovative products with tested and verified results as well as a minimal environmental impact has been and continues to be a strong guiding light.

Nattaro Labs as an organisation continues in the same spirit, and combines knowledge, research, experience, curiosity and creativity to continuously develop new products and applications, both independently and in collaboration with partners.

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  • The founders met in 2010 on the Entrepreneur program, run by the Life Science/Mobile Heights Business Center, through Mobile Heights at Ideon in Lund. Between 2012-2016 the company was a member of Lund Life Science Incubator, nowadays SmiLe Incubator. The company has run its operations from Medicon Village since 2012.
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