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Nattaro Labs is a product development firm, which works to develop innovative products and sustainable solutions to combat the growing global problem of bed bugs. The work is based on solid knowledge and long experience in all stages of the development process, from concept development and prototype construction to completed volume production and industrialisation.

The company undertakes its own projects as well as with selected partners in a carefully planned process with follow-ups and quality assurance at every stage. A focus on innovation combined with evidence-based research has meant that on several occasions Nattaro Labs has been granted financial support from Vinnova, among other institutions, to carry out innovation projects together with renowned partners, covering design, material selection and chemical ecology and that have resulted in unique own-developed product concepts and patents.

The product development strategy also consists of long-term IPR work with design pattern protection as well as patents granted in Sweden and internationally. Guiding principles are user-friendliness as well as attractive and functional design, in close collaboration with development partners, the industry and customers. Nattaro Labs currently holds a unique position as a product developing, bed bug specialist on the international market. Our development projects and ongoing patent applications are part of a clearly expressed ambition to reinforce our position further.

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Through a combination of our own evidence-based research, innovative product development and close partnerships with pest control companies, Nattaro Labs currently has a unique position as a product developing, bed bug specialist on the international market. With an ever expanding patent portfolio we stand strong against the competition.

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