Daily lab work is led by Dr Jette Knudsen, and our focus, in addition to the chemical ecology of bed bugs, is to also build up a deeper understanding of the insect’s behaviour. We continuously work to find new methods, as well as to improve existing ones, to combat bed bugs, always starting with the biology of the bed bug.

Dr Camilla Ryne, who, to our great sadness, passed away in 2012, is the main reason for the establishment of Nattaro Labs. The four founders decided to start operations together in 2011 with her research as the point of departure. Together, the founders shared a vision about how to best face a challenge and find new strategies and methods for an effective control of bed bug infestations. Between 2006-2010, Dr Ryne carried out several research projects at the Ecology Institution (Pheromone group) at Lund University, together with Dr Jette Knudsen. The efforts resulted in four internationally recognised publications, which span from bed bugs’ own-produced pheromones (above all alarm pheromones) to how single human scents govern feeding behaviour. These research results gave Nattaro Labs a unique and firm foundation to continue building on.

Nattaro Labs conduct basic research and develop applications.





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  • “Bed bugs – Efficiency of Nattaro Safe”
  • “Bed bugs – Down the trap”

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