How do you get rid of bed bugs?

In the past, only chemical pesticides were used and to a great extent that is still the practice in many places around the world. The problem with this method is that the bed bugs develop a resistance, i.e. a resilience to insecticides. The more times an insecticide is used as a single control measure, the less effective the treatment is against the bed bug infestation.  To obtain any results, such a situation requires higher and higher doses of insecticides. And in the end the chemical pesticide has no effect at all, regardless of the dosage.  Globally, we have already reached that point for a growing number of bed bug strains. Our recommendation to the pest control industry is to change their control strategy and to switch to mechanical/physical treatment methods. These consist of a combination of cold, heat and diatomaceous earth, together with monitors and mattress protection. From a socio-economic perspective, it may also be a good idea to start the prevention work in environments with a high bed bug risk.

If you discover bed bugs at home, we recommend the following:

  1. Contact a professional pest controller immediatly. Do not try to take on a bed bug infestation yourself, it risks making the situation worse.  Do not use any insect repellents, there is a severe risk of making the situation worse.  Neither should you start removing furniture or other items from the suspected room.  Leave everything as it is until the pest control expert arrives and investigates. If you can cope, keep sleeping in your bed during the entire treatment period, even if it feels difficult.  A mattress protector in combination with Nattaro Safe, the bed bug tape, can help reduce the discomfort. If you start sleeping on the sofa in the living room, the bed bugs will follow you, which may result in the infestation taking longer to eliminate.
  2. Let the pest controller choose the most effective method for stopping the infestation. Successful control takes time and requires a combination of mechanical/physical treatment methods; mattress protectors, detection traps, heat, cold, and above all diatomaceous earth. Our Nattaro Safe, bed bug tape, combats bed bugs and has a long lasting effect. A successful treatment takes time and effort.
  3. Attach Nattaro Safe® to all beds as preventative protection in risk-exposed environments to prevent new infestations becoming an epidemic. Nattaro Safe® allows you to work with the biology of the bed bug instead of against it.
Nattaro Safe – “bed bug tape”
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