14 Oct 2020

A European Patent for our bed bug lure

Our bed bug lure has now been granted a European Patent

The patent for the attractant in our bed bug trap Nattaro Scout has now entered into force in Europe. For Sweden and several other countries were Nattaro Labs has chosen to validate the patent. The European patent was granted through the EPO, the European Patent Office, in Munich. The announcement was made in Svensk Patenttidning 2020-35.

Bed bug lure
The scent of a bed bug aggregation is now patented
Bed bug harbourage
A bed bug harborage Photo: Richard Naylor

Our composition and procedure for attracting bed bugs to a trap has thus been recognized as a technical solution to a problem. The patent now means that Nattaro Labs continues to expand its patent portfolio and strengthens the legal protection for the company’s inventions. The patent gives exclusive rights to the innovation and nobody else has the right to sell, copy or distribute Nattaro Scout lure without Nattaro Labs permission.

Nattaro Labs CEO Carl-Johan Gustafson comments on the news;

“The approved patent for the lure, which is used in our bed bug trap, means a strengthening and expansion of our patent protection and creates opportunities for us to grow internationally with Nattaro Scout.”

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