Bed Bug Protector – mattress and bed protection

The market’s only bed bug protector designed for all Scandinavian beds

Bed Bug Protector is an innovative bed bug protector for Scandinavian bed types and works both as preventive protection and as a control method during a treatment of a bed bug infestation. Leading bed manufacturer, Hilding Anders, has developed this extensive line of products in close collaboration with Nattaro Labs.

The Bed Bug Protector is available for all types of frame beds, reversible mattresses and Scandinavian standard bed mattresses. The mattress protector has two important applications;

  1. During a treatment, an ongoing infestation can be ”enclosed” using the mattress protector, allowing the occupants to continue sleeping in their bed without worry. The protector must then remain in place for at least 12 months, preferably in combination with Nattaro Safe as a preventative measure against a new infestation.
  2. On completely new beds, to protect the bed frame from being infected by an infestation as well as to facilitate inspections of the bed, especially in hotel environments. Nattaro Safe can also be an excellent complement in this situation.

Note however, that the Bed Bug Protector itself cannot prevent or guard against an infestation in the room or the property in general. Bed Bug Protector has been tested by independent laboratories and has proven functionality.

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