Nattaro K9

Training vials for detection dogs

Nattaro K9 consists of training tools for educating detection dogs to find bed bugs. The equipment consists of durable, 50 mm long acrylic tubes with nets on both ends for unobstructed airflow. These baits can contain live, dead or no bed bugs.

We breed the bed bugs and the insects are freshly fed with human blood and can be expected to survive for approximately 3 months when kept at room temperature. We recommend replacing the vials after approx. 4 weeks of training, for best effect for the dogs, as the filter papers become dirty after a while.

Photo: Detection dog in Östergötland

When the bed bugs have died, the vials can be used as a control. We also offer empty vials, as well as with nymphs or mixed adults/nymphs depending on how you want to carry out your training. It is also possible to order bottles with the extracted scent of living bed bugs, both for nymphs and adults. These products are useful for training dogs in sensitive environments, e.g. residential accommodation or hotel rooms.

K9 comes in four main variants:

Living bed bugs, nymphs or adults (5–8)

 Dead bed bugs (5–8)

 Extracted scent of bed bugs, adults or nymphs

 Control bait (filter paper only)

NOTE: The control bait is important to ensure that the dogs do not learn to search for the scent of the tube with the filter paper or dead bed bugs, but only focus on the scent of living bed bugs.

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