En plus des principales entreprises de lutte antiparasitaire, nos clients comprennent également des associations immobilières privées et municipales, des hôtels, des municipalités et des organismes publics, pour n'en citer que quelques-uns.

Ronald McDonald House, Sweden

Since February 2018 the beds at Ronald McDonald House in Lund, Sweden, have a preventive protection against bed bugs. A total of 84 permanent beds and 20 removable cribs plus the extra beds. In total, 104 beds at RMH in Lund now have Nattaro Safe installed on their underside.

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Helsingborgshem, municipal housing company

During 2016, Veidekke installed skirting boards with Nattaro Safe at Furutorpsparken student accommodation, for the Helsingborgshem municipal housing company in Helsingborg. This project was a partnership with LIBAB (now Nikkarit).

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Åke Sundvall, housing company

In 2016, housing company Åke Sundvall installed skirting boards with Nattaro Safe in all apartments in the new Tensta Torn student accommodation, in Kista. Nikkarit was the supplier also for this project.

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Nynäshamnsbostäder, housing company

In 2015, Nattaro Labs implemented a comprehensive training program for staff at Socialförvaltningen and at Nynäshamnsbostäder. The latter was also the first property company to use skirting boards with Nattaro Safe, as early as 2015. Nikkarit and later Nordenlist have been the suppliers to this customer.

Migrationsverket (The Swedish Migration Board)

In 2014, we initiated our collaboration with a very successful pilot project using Nattaro Safe as preventative/suppressive protection in risk exposed environments. This led to  multiple installations of Nattaro Safe on the beds, from Malmo in the south to Boden in the north.

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In 2018, after experiencing certain problems with bed bugs in their housing, ApartDirect which offers short- & long-term rental apartments in Stockholm, contacted Nattaro Labs. After installing Nattaro Safe in all apartment buildings, they haven’t experienced any problems with bed bugs ever since.

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