Nattaro Labs

Experts in preventive solutions for bed bugs


If there's a human, there's a risk of bed bugs. It's as simple as that. We tackle bed bugs, no matter where they are. We are used to working in a range of different problem areas with solutions for prevention, detection and control.




Preventing bed bugs so all families can have a room

The Ronald McDonald House in Lund hosts families from all over Sweden, Norway and Iceland during the time that their children receive specialist care at Lund University Hospital. All 27 rooms at the home away from home are continuously booked and it is vital that they are all functioning, so no family needs to be turned away.


Maintaining a bed bug-free environment in hotels

Staying bed bug-free is a top priority if you are in the hotel industry to avoid ruining your guests’ holiday and your hotel’s reputation, not to mention leaving you with a hole in your budget. So what can you do as a hotel manager to avoid this nasty pest?


Nattaro Labs AB publishes Annual Report for 2022

Nattaro Labs AB hereby publishes the Annual Report for the full year 2022.
Nattaro Labs’ first year as a listed company has been challenging. An uncertain world and the hospitality industry’s slow recovery have affected our sales. At the same time, our home market shows enormous international potential. During the fourth quarter, a cost-saving program and a clearer sales strategy were introduced. The start of the new year indicates that we are on the right track.