Bed Bugs


The problem of bed bugs is increasing in the world due to multiple reasons. An important factor is believed to be the adaptability of bed bugs to survive close to us and to develop resistance to different types of insecticides.

Other reasons include increased travelling, globalisation, lack of protocols, late detection and deficient treatment. As more and more private households and hospitality establishments have problems with bed bugs, the risk of the problem spreading in our public spaces, such as nursing homes, hospitals and transportation increases.

Cimex Lectularius, male and female

The story of bed bugs

Bed bugs are pests that feed on human blood and come out at night to eat. According to current research, they cannot cause diseases through their bites, but having a bed bug infestation can be costly in many different ways, not to mention the mental toll on the ones affected.

Bed bugs mainly spread via our belongings. They are good at hitchhiking and can, in practice, travel with us anywhere. Bed bugs are picked up in hotels, but also bringing second-hand furniture into your home can be a risk. After an infestation has been established and as the bed bugs multiply, the risk of them spreading to adjacent rooms or flats also increases.

We always recommend that anyone affected by bed bugs hires a professional pest control company as soon as there are signs of an infestation. Click here to see all our resellers that are expert in your area. The sooner we can detect, or better still, prevent, an infestation, the quicker a treatment can be made and less risk of the problem spreading.

FAQ about bed bugs