The patented bed bug tape Nattaro Safe™ offers both protection and long-lasting treatment of bed bugs. The tape can be installed on a bed frame or the inside of skirting boards to kill all bed bugs that come into contact with it. Unlike how the majority of existing pest control products work, this is a proactive measure for anyone who wants to protect themselves against bed bugs, like private households, property and hospitality managers and pest control companies.

How Nattaro Safe™ kills bed bugs

Nattaro Safe™ comes on a roll of tape that is constructed with an adhesive back and an inside covered with the active substance diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous earth is a natural compound that absorbs and destroys the protective wax layer of bed bugs, which results in the pest drying out and dying. DE is a natural product made from fossilised silica algae and is not harmful to people or pets if touched. Through the design of our bed bug tape, Nattaro Safe™ creates an environment that is appealing to bed bugs, a dark and confined paper tunnel with attractive crevices to hide in. The inside contains a thin layer of diatomaceous earth that kills the bed bug.

A highly effective, natural substance

We have conducted experiments on how long time it takes before a bed bug dies once they come into contact with the DE in Nattaro Safe™.  Our life cycle tests showed that Nattaro Safe efficiently prevented the founding of bed bug infestations. Within two weeks the artificial infestations, each initiated by 10 females and 10 males, were eradicated. We conclude that Nattaro Safe efficiently prevents the build-up of new populations thanks to the disruption of the bed bugs life cycle by efficiently killing both nymph and adults. Through research, we have come to discover just the right amount of DE to use for killing bed bugs, as too thick a layer will instead repel them. The great advantage of DE is that no resistance to it is documented in bed bugs as of today, unlike chemical pesticides.

Long-lasting protection against bed bugs

Nattaro Safe™ can be left in place for 24 months, and longer, before it needs to be replaced. Defective or lost pieces can be continuously changed. As long as the dust inside the tape is clean and dry, it continues to have a desiccating effect. As the product is usually placed in the bed, there can be wear and tear and we recommend inspecting it and possibly replacing it ongoingly. Nattaro Safe™ is easy to apply and available in packs of 12 metres or 30 metres to be cut to optional lengths before placing on beds, behind headboards and other furnishings.

Nattaro Safe™ is a patented product that is developed and made in Sweden.


Nattaro Safe® is:






Discreet and odourless

Environmentally friendly

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