It is important to find bed bugs early, to reduce the costs of treatment and the suffering of the ones affected. Bed bug infestations that last for a longer period have an increased risk of spreading to friends, neighbours, public spaces and transportation. Based on years of research, we have developed the detection trap Nattaro Scout™ which attracts bed bugs with a unique lure just as an infestation has started and thus is difficult to detect.

How Nattaro Scout® traps bed bugs

Nattaro Scout™ consists of a mechanical trap with a replaceable lure. This lure is made of a unique blend of bed bug pheromones that simulates the scent of a bed bug harbourage/aggregation (bed bug home). The scent will attract all stages of live bed bugs that may be in the room, i.e., females, males and the different stages of nymphs. The bed bugs can climb into the trap, but not out. Once inside, they are trapped.


A superior bed bug lure

In comparative tests, the results for Nattaro Scout™ detection trap were superior compared to the traps of existing competitors. The success lies in our patented lure that we have developed through years of research and testing, both in terms of scent, placement and with different carriers of the pheromones. It has been tested in the field with great results together with leading Swedish pest control companies

How to use Nattaro Scout®

As Nattaro Scout™ is completely non-toxic, it can be placed in the bed or sofa. The lure lasts 4 weeks, so if continuous monitoring is needed for a longer period, the lure must be replaced. This can be in the case of a hotel room. The device and trap holder itself is made of biodegradable, environmentally friendly and reusable material. 

Nattaro Scout® can be used to:

Confirm a suspected bed bug infestation.

Verify and ensure that a treatment has been successful and that the room is 100% bed bug-free.

Create continuous monitoring where there is a risk of recurrent bed bug infestations, for example in hotel rooms.


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