We need to work together in order  to address the challenges presented by  an increasing number of bed bug infestations. Since start, Nattaro Labs has had a close working relationship with the industry and affected customers. Above all, we believe our partnerships with leading pest control companies in Sweden, such as Anticimex and Nomor, are important in order to offer the best possible solutions. To understand in depth the consequences of an infestation, we keep dialogues with both affected private individuals and businesses, such as hotels, student accommodation companies, property owners and insurance companies, amongst other players in the market.

Our background is within research and above all, within subject areas such as chemical ecology, biology and chemistry.

Because, 9 times out of 10, the first signs of early infestation are found in a bed, it makes sense to have a close and fruitful partnership with one of the world’s leading bed makers, Hilding Anders.

Over the years, Nattaro Labs employees have acted as lecturers at networking meetings in the property industry, including as guest lecturers at SABO for four years running, for example. We have also carried out training courses for Student accommodation companies, the pest control industry, property firms and not least for Social services.

During 2014, the Swedish Migration Board and Nattaro Labs implemented a comprehensive pilot study of Nattaro Safe as preventative protection against bed bug infestations in high risk accommodation environments.  The results exceeded expectations and Nattaro Safe is now recommended as standard in all environments with a high risk of a bed bug infestation.

One of the main reasons that Nattaro Safe is so effective is that, when correctly implemented, the bed bug’s life cycle is broken effectively, because all nymphs that come into contact with the active ingredient of the bed bug tape die before maturity.  In this way, we can prevent an epidemic growth of a bed bug infestation.

Bed bug infestation
How long it takes from an introduction to an infestation.


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