Product with proven effects, based on the biology of the bed bug

Our product development consists of world-class research in combination with our employees’ long experience of creating a quality-assured and efficient production process. Our ambition is to continuously improve the products we have launched and to continue to develop new innovative products and sustainable solutions to combat the globally growing problem of bed bugs. Through a combination of our own evidence-based research, product development and close collaboration with pest control companies, Nattaro Labs currently holds a unique position as a product developing, bed bug specialist on the international market. We are proud to be able to offer tried and tested products to detect and prevent infestations of bed bugs.

Read more about our effective and sustainable solutions for managing bed bugs below.

Nattaro Safe® – “bed bug tape
Nattaro Safe® – “bed bug board”

Nattaro Safe® effectively prevents bed bug infestations, especially in beds. The product is long lasting, functional and easy to use. The active substance in the bed bug tape is a pure natural product (diatomaceous earth) and is not harmful to people or pets.

Nattaro Scout® – detection trap

Nattaro Scout® is a detection trap for bed bugs that contains a unique scent bait, pheromone attractant. The trap can be used, before, during and after treatment. It is an effective tool for early detection, but also for post treatment checks that ensure that the control methods have worked as planned.


Nattaro K9 – for detection dogs

Nattaro K9 is training equipment for detection dogs to find bed bugs. The equipment consists of durable, 50 mm long acrylic tubes with nets on both ends for unobstructed airflow. These baits can contain live, dead or no bed bugs. We also provide extracted scents of bed bugs.


Bed Bug Protector – mattress protector

Bed Bug Protector – unique bed bug covers for a wide range of different bed frames and mattresses that work both as a protection and reactively as a control tool against an ongoing bed bug infestation. The product has been developed by Nattaro Labs in collaboration with Europe’s leading bed manufacturer, Hilding Anders.

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