Nattaro Safe® – “bed bug board”

Mouldings and baseboards/skirting boards with Nattaro Safe®

We have developed different types of mouldings with Nattaro Safe® pre-attached on the inside. It is a complete solution that can be used in the same way as a traditional moulding or skirting board. The mouldings are supplied by our partners, with Nattaro Safe® (20 mm) attached at the factory, and are available in different versions, e.g. white or oak laminate MDF or white painted pine (12x56mm).

Nattaro Safe on baseboard
Nattaro Safe on baseboard/skirting board
There are many benefits of using Nattaro Safe® compared to only using diatomaceous earth as powder behind skirting boards.

Longer durability: When Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is exposed to dust and moisture it loses its effect. Because the DE is protected inside Nattaro Safe® its durability is longer compared to when it is used loose. A moulding with Nattaro Safe® retains its efficiency for as long as it is dry and clean, so in normal conditions this will be until it is time to renovate and replace or refurbish the skirting boards.

More efficient installation: Carpenters and contractors can use skirting boards with Nattaro Safe® ready mounted. This enables greater flexibility and less dependency on pest control company availability.

Better working environment: Installing skirting boards with Nattaro Safe® is much less dusty than spreading DE as a loose powder. Also, no safety equipment such as goggles and masks is required.

More even distribution: Using skirting boards with Nattaro Safe® always gives you the same amount behind the moulding. This eliminates the risk of having too much in one area and not enough in another.

Skirting boards with Nattaro Safe® can be advantageously used in new builds to ensure that any future bed bug infestations become easier to combat and thus less costly for those affected.

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