Nattaro Safe™ – “bed bug tape”

Prevent a bed bug infestation effectively with Nattaro Safe

Nattaro Safe effectively prevents bed bug infestations where an infestation most commonly arise, i.e. in beds. The product is long lasting, functional and easy to use.  Nattaro Safe has a combating effect and all stages of the insects die from desiccation after coming into contact with the diatomaceous earth. Nattaro Safe can be left in place for 12 months, and longer, before it needs to be replaced. Defective or lost pieces can be continuously replaced. As long as the dust inside the tape  is clean and dry it continues to have a desiccating effect.

This is how Nattaro Safe works

Nattaro Safe is supplied on a roll as tape and consists of a folded paper construction with a self-adhesive back and an inside covered with a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural agent that absorbs the bed bug’s protective wax layer, which results in the pest drying out and dying. It is a natural product made from fossilised silica algae and not harmful to people or pets if ingested or touched. Through its design, Nattaro Safe creates an environment that is attractive to bed bugs, a dark and confined paper tunnel with attractive crevices to hide in. The inside contains a thin layer of diatomaceous earth. The product is easy to apply.

Bed bugs cannot develop a resistance to the active substance, which is a great advantage compared to insecticides. This Swedish invention, Nattaro Safe, is a patented product that is developed and made in Sweden.

Areas of use

Nattaro Safe can be used in different applications;

  1. As a preventative measure in risk environments. It can be used at home by frequent private and business travelers, by those who rent out their homes, by hoteliers or bed & breakfast establishments.
  2. As a complement during a treatment of a bed bug infestation, attached to the beds as a concluding measure. On beds in properties/residential housing with recurring problems with bed bugs.
  3. Behind skirting boards to prevent the spreading through the property and in order to make treatments easier. See more here.

A supplementary method of using diatomaceous earth is to dust a thin layer of loose powder in all places where the bed bugs are suspected to be. This action is more short-term than Nattaro Safe. If the layer of diatomaceous earth is too thick, the bed bugs will avoid it and choose a different path. Loose diatomaceous earth can quickly become dusty and damp, which means it loses its effect more quickly. Nattaro Safe always contains the correct amount of diatomaceous earth and has a significantly longer durability.

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