Did you know that bed bugs are clever hitchhikers?

A tips for all assisted living staff (or all those in jobs where there is a risk of coming into contact with bed bugs at work):

  • Use work clothes and work shoes, get changed at work.
  • Aprons are good when making beds etc. (shake them after each use, or use disposable single use). NOTE! If you notice anything suspicious, ie traces of bed bugs, notify the property owner / pest control company immediately!).
  • Use shoe protectors (new ones for each location).
  • Store your bag and your outer clothes in a plastic bag and hang in the hallway. Do not place them on furniture or the floor.

Nattaro Safe, bed bug tape, as preventative protection in a high risk environment.

Responsibility of the property owner

Do you think that property owners should inform residents about the following? ;
1) There is a history of bed bugs in the apartment you are about to move into.
2) There is a bed bug infestation (which is being treated) in the building you live in.

In New York, current legislation states that a property owner must inform a new resident about any past issues with bed bugs in the apartment. A suggestion has been made that property owners must also be responsible for informing other residents about ongoing decontamination against bed bugs in their property / properties. However, not in which apartment.

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