Maintaining a bed bug-free environment in hotels

Staying bed bug-free is a top priority if you are in the hotel industry to avoid ruining your guests’ holiday and your hotel’s reputation, not to mention leaving you with a hole in your budget. So what can you do as a hotel manager to avoid this nasty pest?

Overseeing cleaning routines

Bed bugs can spread through your hotel guests’ belongings, but also hotel cleaning routines. The latter is where you can have some degree of control. In the brushes of vacuum cleaner nozzles, bed bugs, nymphs and eggs can be carried from room to room. If vacuum cleaners are used on different floors, you may get a wide spread. Also, putting dirty bedding on the hotel floor can be a risk. Instead using one vacuum cleaner per floor and having trolleys with laundry bags can be some actions to minimise the risk.

Detecting bed bugs early

Early detection is key when dealing with bed bugs, as this can save big costs in the long run.

Have protocols in place so staff know what to do when they discover a suspected bed bug. Also, know how to act if a hotel guest comes with a bed bug complaint. An easy way to see if there is a bed bug problem in a room is for housekeeping staff to place a Nattaro Scout® detection trap there. If any bed bugs are present, they will be attracted by the special fragranced lure that mimics the scent of an aggregation of bed bugs. When bed bugs climb in, they won’t be able to get out, and you get a clear proof of what you are dealing with.

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Put preventive solutions in place

As bed bugs are found around the bed in 90% of cases, this is where you want to focus your efforts. By placing Nattaro Safe® bed bug tape in the frame of hotel beds you achieve bed bug protection 24/7 that lasts up to 2 years. The bed bug tape disrupts the lifecycle of bed bugs, killing them within a short time, so there is often no need for any additional bed bug treatment once the tape is installed.

Subscribe to bed bug tape

Nattaro Safe® bed bug tape is an easy and cost-efficient solution for the long run. For a bed you need approx. 6 metres of bed bug tape, giving a cost of approx. 0.05 USD/bed/day for 2 years. The cost of installing Nattaro Safe® bed bug tape on your hotel beds can be weighed against the cost of a possible emergency treatment that offers no preventive effect, night staff on call, litigations and bad reviews on TripAdvisor.

We have made it easy for you to take the step and install Nattaro Safe® bed bug tape in your hotel rooms for long-term protection. By offering a 2-year subscription model, the cost for your entire Nattaro Safe® bed bug tape requirement is divided up into a monthly fee. This is better for cash flow and provides your rooms with protection and long-lasting treatment around the clock.

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