Greece and Austria new markets for Nattaro Labs AB

Nattaro Labs announces that the company has signed a letter of intent for distribution with a reseller in Greece and a reseller in Austria. A first order has been delivered to each country and the goal is to be able to sign formal distribution agreements in 2023.

Austrian Kwizda Agro GmbH, founded in 1926, is known for plant protection products sold to farmers across Europe and they also have companies in Hungary and Romania. In Austria, Kwizda Agro brings in Nattaro’s products as part of its efforts to expand its business in professional pest products.

In Greece, cooperation is initiated with the company Fotis Papadimitrou & Co O.E., which is active in both the pest market and the hotel industry in Greece. The company manufactures, among other things, adhesive traps under the brand name Insectrap.

“Increased internationalization is the focus for Nattaro”, says Carl-Johan Gustafson, CEO of Nattaro Labs AB. “The fact that we now have the opportunity to sell in two new countries is gratifying. During the year, we hope to get a clearer picture of the potential in each market, but both retailers are optimistic about the added value Nattaro’s products create for their customers.”